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A renewal of life.

Progurt Team - Friday, September 21, 2012

At age 50, Stephen Berry collapsed with an AIDS-defining brain condition. Now approaching 60, he has recovered enough, against massive odds, to go rafting, scuba-diving and bungy jumping. Fifty was not a good year for me. After 20 years with HIV using only natural therapies, I experienced a major immune collapse. The virus had finally got the upper hand. The same week that I graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Applied Aboriginal Studies from Tranby Aboriginal College, a brain MRI confirmed the worst. PML (progressive multifocal leuko-encephalopathy) was a major AIDS condition short-circuiting the myelin nerve sheath of my cerebellum. The odds of death were 50/50 within six months to two years. Viral load shot up to over 80,000 and T-cells disappeared – only 85 were left, along with very few platelets and thus bruises all over my body.

I should have started HIV medications at least a year sooner. PML had delaminated the nerve sheath of my brain and the damage would spread. Within three months I had lost bladder control, balance, the ability to write and drive. The loss of speech started to challenge my use of the phone. Soon I became too weak to get up off the floor if I fell and had to head for the bathroom every two hours throughout the night to have a pee.

Massive intake of HIV medications became the order of the day and night. Everyone was worried big time. My partner of seven years, my family, my colleagues, my doctor and neurologist were equally concerned. The medications shot the HIV viral load to ‘undetectable’ within just six weeks. My neurologist advised me he would stop me dying but that recovery of lost faculties from PML was extremely rare.  More...

Probiotics and Cancer.

Progurt Team - Monday, September 17, 2012

The role of Probiotics and Cancer is foundational for Immune System vitality and absorption of your nutrients. Most people do not make the connection between their digestive system and overall health.

Let’s start with some basics. We have all experienced the effects of a toilet backing up because of a clog of toilet paper or too much “you know what”…the stench and the disgusting cleanup is no fun.

Your colon is no different. Your colon is like a sewer system and is designed to expel the waste matter from food and other metabolic processes. If you do not have a healthy flora full of happy probiotics, your “sewer system” is backing up into your body. What should be coming out, gets re-absorbed as it pushes through the intestinal wall and re-circulates into the blood stream…..gross! As the body becomes increasingly toxic, proper oxidation cannot take place on a cellular level. Without proper oxygen and with a plethora of toxic materials, the cells become stressed and your Immune System becomes compromised.  More...

Diet could relieve symptoms for sufferers of sneezy season.

Progurt Team - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FORECASTS for a hotter-than-normal spring signal what experts predict could be a dreadful allergy season for hay fever sufferers.

But when it comes to staving off sneezy noses, itchy eyes and wheezy chests, new evidence suggests grandma may have been right all along.

Allergy and nutrition experts say a diet full of "roughage" - fibrous fruit and vegetables bursting with vitamin C and folic acid - can ease symptoms and reduce inflammation associated with seasonal allergies.  More...

Could obesity be a gut reaction?

Progurt Team - Thursday, September 06, 2012

A poor diet and a lack of exercise may not be the only reasons why some people are more likely to keep putting on weight, writes Melissa Davey.

WHEN it comes to staying healthy, there are two areas that most people focus on – the number of calories they put into their mouths, and how much exercise they do.

But, in a laboratory at the University of Sydney, scientists are studying everything from locusts to human excrement to better understand why rates of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease continue to skyrocket, despite what is known about maintaining good health.

Although diet and exercise are vital, there is much to be learnt about why people are getting sicker and fatter.  More...


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