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180 Nutrition Founder - Guy Lawrence, loves Progurt.

Progurt Team - Friday, January 25, 2013

Probiotics to prevent Influenza.

Progurt Team - Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In November 2012, McMaster University released a study showing Probiotics offered a solution for the potentially deadly hospital-acquired “superbug” Clostridium Difficile. The study concluded that Probiotics could significantly minimise hospital acquired C. difficile. (Probiotic News Nov 15, 2012).

Now, in January, 2013, McMaster University have initiated a randomised controlled trial of Probiotics to test: "Do Probiotics Prevent Influenza and Other Respiratory Infections”.

This year’s flu season in the United States is shaping up to be “worse than average and particularly bad for the elderly,” Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the nation’s top federal disease-control official, was reported as saying by The New York Times last Friday, January 18, 2013.  More...

Maximise your health as a goal for 2013.

Progurt Team - Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We all feel best when we are disease-free, physically and mentally fit and within a healthy weight range.

We at Progurt encourage you to take a proactive role to protect your health this year and give your body an inside and outside makeover.

Your aspirations for 2013 should include goals to achieve a healthy weight and be at your peak physical and mental fitness.

We recommend regular exercise, some beneficial and healthful sun exposure and time in the outdoors, earlier nights and a more restful sleep and of course a diet rich in healthy foods and probiotics.  More...

Health and Happiness for 2013.

Progurt Team - Thursday, January 03, 2013

We at Progurt would like to wish you all a year of health, happiness and harmony in 2013.

We thank you for your loyal support and feedback throughout 2012 and look forward to bringing you all the latest probiotic and gastrointestinal health news from around the world in 2013.

Our last Probiotic news item for 2012 compared Progurt in #12 Points to other leading brand Probiotics. We would like to encourage you in 2013, whatever your age, to think about your food choices and make every day a new opportunity for better health.

We recommend for 2013 and beyond that you take a few minutes each morning to reflect on your blessings as well as your mind, body and spiritual goals for self-improvement. We recommend that you start each day with a healthy breakfast and a bowl of Progurt - to sustain the health of your gut, your brain and your body throughout the day. Alternatively, you may wish to have your probiotic in water or better still, in your favorite fresh juice.

Remember the importance of good gut microorganisms to your overall health and how gut good microbes influence neurological function along with aiding digestion and inhibiting pathogens – the role of “the second brain” (Probiotic News Nov. 22, 2012).

Each day is a new opportunity to live healthier, happier and longer and thereby contribute to the happiness of those around you. We encourage you in your health goals for 2013 and we wish you a really wonderful year ahead.

The Progurt Team  More...


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