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Early signs of Parkinsons may be seen in the gut.

Progurt Team - Thursday, June 20, 2013

A persons present gut health may determine their future health and a healthy or unhealthy at present gut can be indicative of a diseases that person may be disagnosed with in the future.

Recent research suggests that Parkinson’s disease begins in the nerve cells of the gut. Signs of Parkinson’s that that appear in the brain also show up in the colon.

Researchers examined tissue samples obtained during colon exams of people who later developed Parkinson's disease. The samples were taken several years before the patients showed symptoms of the neurological disorder.  More...

Where is the health logic?

Progurt Team - Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What disease has ever been found to be caused by a lack of a drug?

Most of us recognize that health does not come from a pill … and that no disease is caused by a pharmaceutical or vaccine ‘deficiency’.

So how is it that most consider it sound practice to use potentially toxic chemicals as a first-line treatment for conditions that are not caused by a lack of a chemical?  More...

Why Do We Get Sick?

Progurt Team - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Simply because we love it! We love our diseases; they greatly help us to feel sorry for ourselves and to get attention from others; and there are few things more motivating to initiate change in our lives than pain. We usually don’t consciously recognize we are making ourselves sick, so when we do ‘catch’ something it feels far more like something impacting us from outside ourselves rather than from within. Our physical being for whatever reason has moved away from that which it innately strives to move towards – harmony.

We smoke and wonder why we get cancer. We eat modified fat and wonder over blocked arteries. We stay angry for 30 years and drop dead from heart attack. We compete mercilessly and stroke with the stress. We quite literally worry ourselves to death. We take rotten care of our bodies, paying little attention at all to them until something starts to go off the rails. We take much better care of the car than our bodies and that’s not saying a great deal. And what is particularly interesting from my perspective is when we do go to see someone about our health; we don’t take their advice or the medications they prescribe!

Imagine a continuum with death at one end and vibrant health at the other with symptom free halfway - where do you sit on this scale? Where would you like to sit? What are you doing about it? If you suffer recurrent conditions such as sinus, allergy, headache, insomnia, fatigue, muscular or joint pain, digestive disturbances, anxiety or mood swings etc., you are not on the more desirable side of this scale, would you agree? Yet, conditions like these are endured and thought of as commonplace, a hazard of our lifestyle and ignored where possible.  More...

Probiotics for E Coli Infection and Chroni Kidney Disease

Progurt Team - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Probiotics which bind and neutralizes the toxin produced by E. Colic could potentially save lives, by protecting humans from the deadly toxin which causes life-threatening attacks on the kidneys and blood vessels. (Professor Paton, Research Centre for Infectious Diseases at Adelaide University).

Professor Paton said after diagnosis of E. coli infection there was a window of opportunity for therapeutic intervention before kidneys started to fail. Antibiotics are not used because they can increase the amount of toxin released in the gut.

In spite of the availability of antibiotics for over fifty years, bacterial infectious diseases continue to kill more people than any other disease group. New pathogens are emerging; old ones are returning, but this time with resistance to multiple classes of antimicrobial drugs.  More...

Digestion - The essential key to health.

Progurt Team - Monday, June 03, 2013

What a fantastic story and grand cascade of events the digestive process is.

Did you know a normal healthy person's stomach contains hydrochloric acid (HCl)? Or that HCl is the body’s first line of immune defence breaking down ‘germs’ as well as food? Or that the stomach functions to initiate a whole cascade of digestive events setting up the body for good health!

The importance of ensuring digestion is working optimally becomes clear with the understanding that you are not only ‘what you eat’, but more importantly you are ‘what you can absorb’! For example, you can pour the purest water into a dirty bucket, but you are still going to end up with dirty water…  More...


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