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If only mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood.

Progurt Team - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Individual and appropriate diet, lifestyle and environmental choices are the mantra for good health and consequently a trim body. So what has gone so wrong?

The food industry’s promotion of highly refined grains (relatively low production cost with high profit margins) and low-fat diets over the last 20 years has led to the emergence of an epidemic of obesity, type II diabetes and Syndrome X.

How can this be? Well, excessive intake of simple carbohydrates and sugars (from processed grain products) have a high glycaemic response, which causes a surge in blood insulin and cells start to lose their sensitivity (to insulin). This in turn leads to an even greater output of insulin with a consequent increase in fat storage. This is why cows are fed a diet of grains and not grass for three months before market - to fatten them up! Do you see any potential correlation here when people ‘graze’ on a grain based diet?  More...

Progurt now available through Lucky You Juice.

Progurt Team - Monday, July 22, 2013

Lucky You: Progurt loves Sydney-based Lucky You Juice Cleanses and Lucky You customers can now combine Progurt, an effective probiotic, with their favourite Lucky You Juice.

In 2012, The Juice Press in New York City made Progurt part of their juice cleanse program for their health-conscious consumers.

Lucky You is the first juice press company in Australia to offer Progurt to be combined with their freshly pressed juices as part of their cleanse program.  More...

How Long Is This Going To Take?

Progurt Team - Monday, July 15, 2013

Clients often enquire as to how quickly they can expect to see change from their efforts when modifying diet, lifestyle and environment. While it varies with the individual and the therapy recommended, some general guidelines do apply…

Different tissues and organs reproduce or 'turn over' at different rates - some quicker (4 days) in the case of the digestive tract; some slower (up to 7 years) in the case of spinal nerves. Note however that an unhealthy cell cannot produce a healthy cell. The nursing of cells capable of being ‘salvaged’ back to health leads to an exponential increase in healthy cells and restoration of normal function over time.

Which organ or system is afflicted and how long it takes to replace itself, will determine to a large extent how long is required for cure. It is imperative that a cell be supported through its entire life cycle having all it requires so that it reproduces healthy cells and therefore the organs which they make up.  More...

Viruses are actually an important part of your immune system.

Progurt Team - Monday, July 08, 2013

Ongoing research into the human micro biome (the ‘critters’ that live in and on us) is proving to be as significant to our understanding of health as it was to science when we discovered the Earth was round and not flat.

More than 90 per cent of the DNA in the body is not ours, but actually belongs to a wide variety of microbes, which should demonstrate how intricately tied our health is to the microorganisms that live inside of us. And, while the word “virus” may unpleasantly bring to mind last season’s flu symptoms, there is far more to this story.

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that many of these viruses (phages) actually serve as immune helpers—not enemies—and form an important part of our body’s defence system.  More...


Progurt Team - Thursday, July 04, 2013

Latest AUTISM study again makes link between AUTISM and levels of Probiotic GUT BACTERIA.

Autism is defined as a spectrum disorder, due to the broad range of symptoms involved and the influence of both genetic and environmental factors, features often confounding efforts at accurate diagnosis. The diseases’ prevalence in children exceeds juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer and pediatric AIDS combined.

Controversy surrounds the apparent explosive rise in autism cases. Heightened awareness of autism spectrum disorders and more diligent efforts at diagnosis must account for some of the increase, yet many researchers believe a genuine epidemic is occurring. In addition to hereditary components, Western-style diets and overuse of antibiotics at an early age may be contributing to the problem by lowering the diversity of the gut microflora.  More...

Probiotics for colds in small children.

Progurt Team - Monday, July 01, 2013

June is Cold and Flu Prevention Month at the Compounding Pharmacy.

The Compounding Pharmacy, Australia’s leading online compounding pharmacy is now offering Progurt to improve gut health and aid digestion.

A study in China has shown the benefits of probiotics for prevention of colds in small children. The children who drank a mixture of probiotics in milk twice a day during the winter and spring had fewer colds, needed fewer antibiotics, and missed fewer days of school than other children who drank plain milk instead.  More...


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