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Probiotics are the real brain behind the immune system.

Progurt Team - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

“Understanding the commensal bacteria system in the human body and supplementing with the appropriate bacteria could cure various allergies and protect the body from multiple pathogens”, says Professor Mimi Tang, international expert in the field of allergic and immune deficiency disorders.

Professor Tang has worked in the field of probiotics, prebiotics and gut microbiota for the past 10 years and has expertise in the investigation of gut microbiota changes in allergic disease. She is also a leader in the field of primary immune deficiency in the Asia Pacific region. She has been awarded research grants with a total in excess of $20.5 million and has authored over 190 peer reviewed journal articles, invited reviews, and book chapters.

In one study involving children with severe peanut allergies, after 18 months of daily consumption of probiotics, 80 percent of the children were able to tolerate peanuts.

In this study, the equivalent of 44 pounds of a commercial yogurt, highly concentrated, was used.

Presuming the yogurt strains were live and contained 500 million CFU per pound this would equate to a 22 billion CFU capsule. Progurt has been tested and shown to have a 1 trillion plus CFU capability. Consuming Progurt would be equivalent to 2,000 pounds of commercial yogurt. Health care professionals recommend Progurt as a leader in probiotic capability.

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Progurt nominated for Expo East NEXT Award representing the future of natural products

Progurt Team - Monday, October 19, 2015

Progurt (Supplements & Ingredients)

The probiotic arms-race just accelerated with this great approach to probiotic supplementation. Progurt boasts 1 trillion CFUs per dose--that’s 10 times the next highest CFU count we have seen on the market, and maybe 40 times the average probiotic supplement. Even more important is Progurt's approach to the category. Based upon “multiple human probiotic isolates” promising to be identical to those found in a healthy human gut from birth, this unique and disruptive approach to delivering a diversity of native probiotics to boost our microbiota is just what the category needs.

Every year at Natural Products Expo East, New Hope Natural Media's editors and trend researchers find the products and brands they think represent the most innovative edge of the natural products industry, as well as its deeply held social and environmental values. The best of the best receive NEXTY nominations (read the criteria for nominees here).

In December, we'll announce the Editors' Choice winners in the food & beverage; supplements & ingredients; and beauty & natural living categories. But our opinions only mean so much; we also want to recognize the brands that you think are on to something. Get to know this year's NEXTY nominees, listed here alphabetically by category (supplements/ingredients start at slide 25, and beauty/natural living starts at slide 35), and then vote for your favorite brands on our NEXTY polling page beginning Oct. 21.

The Editors' Choice and Popular Vote winners will be announced in December and featured on and in an awards ceremony at Natural Products Expo West 2016.

You can read the original article here.


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