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Probiotic News

Do Probiotics Prevent Disease?

Progurt Team - Friday, July 31, 2015

Years of scientific acknowledgement now validate the true health benefits of probiotics. The scientific evidence is so profound that the word “probiotic” is now banned in many countries.

Progurt was specifically developed as a powerful health promoting probiotic of human origin to replenish the gut with human strains that may be missing from birth or depleted due to antibiotics, Western diet or lifestyle.

Progurt was also developed as a Probiotic that may be consumed in pressed juice or water or made up into a yogurt-like substance. One of our favorite Wellness consultants and chef, Tina Leigh, is developing more delicious Progurt recipes, which will soon be posted on the Probiotic Institute’s website.

Progurt also offers a powerful immune boost if taken in pressed juice. Our favorite US organic food outlet, Café Gratitude, have just opened their new store in San Diego Café Gratitude offer a menu of sustainable foods that express gratitude for the richness of life. Their dedication to 100% organic ingredients reflects their gratitude for life and good health.

Progurt bestows blessings for Mothers and Babies.

Progurt Team - Monday, July 20, 2015

Progurt bestows blessings – for Mothers and Babies.

Better Babies author, pharmacist and Progurt advocate Jan Roberts, says: “The infant gut and skin are inoculated with good bacteria during the baby’s journey down the birth canal, and with exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months.”

Unfortunately, not all babies receive these first essential probiotics – especially, if they were born by Caesarian section or have not been sufficiently breastfeed. Progurt ‘s human-origin strains allow the child’s gut to be replenished with these all-important microbiota they should have received from birth.

Progurt supplementation is recommended for all children today, due to antibiotics and other environmental factors and to ensure an optimally healthy microbiome in the child, which should be well established by the age of two or three.

The Gut is our Most Important Organ

Progurt Team - Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Gut is our Most Important Organ

Babies, exposed to antibiotics during mother’s pregnancy, children with mental health disorders or food cravings, teenagers with skin disorders, adults battling obesity, depression or other now recognized gut related conditions – all need to balance their gut, their most important organ, with the very best probiotics.

Progurt is recommended by leading health practitioners in Australia and throughout the world as the probiotic of choice to balance the microbioflora of this most important organ.


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