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Probiotics May Be Useful During Radiation Therapy To The Prostate

Progurt Team - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

As you breathe, your internal tissues and organs move. This movement also occurs when your bowels fill and as the bladder empties. Insist on accurate targeting when getting radiation therapy. This is because this kind of therapy is precise and most efficient when the medical practitioners hit the right spot.

A new report states that taking probiotics during radiation therapy for pelvis cancer can increase the predictability of targeting. Examples of such cancers are cancer of the prostrate and rectum. In the past, studies stated that probiotics reduce side effects of radiation therapy when taken before and during the procedures.

Importance of probiotics in radiation and chemotherapy

A leading oncologist in Las Vegas states that progurt contains more than 1 trillion colony-forming units (CFUs). This is the world’s highest CFU count to be reported. This revelation is important because patients of pelvic cancer and prostate cancer can benefit from probiotics with the highest CFU count.

Additionally, the International Journal of Radiation Oncology suggests that cancer patients who take probiotics with at least 1billion CFU count increase the predictability of the tumor. These independent studies further generate the demand for probiotics before and during radiation.

While the administration of probiotics is quite straightforward, these medicines are different. For this reason, you should investigate the preparations your purchase over the counter and on the Internet. Further, compare them against other studies about the use of probiotics supplements during chemotherapy and radiation.

The following are advantages that you can enjoy when you take probiotics during radiation therapy:

Fewer side effects

Usually, radiation introduces toxins into the body parts suffering from cancer. A research shows that probiotics can actually reduce the toxicity of this procedure. Additionally, the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer published an interesting report about probiotics.

It states that probiotics lead to the reduction of gastrointestinal mucositis and reduced risk of sepsis. While the studies are not 100 per cent perfect, the fact that different respected schools of thought recommend probiotics during radiation therapy is a plus.

Better treatment accuracy

probiotic foodsThe fact that radiation planning should be more precise cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, there is an increased importance of reproducible setup, especially for internal organs. For example, changes in rectal size in prostate cancer can compromise the quality of treatment.

A random study was once conducted in Korea involving 80 patients of prostate cancer. The results showed that taking a capsule of Lactobacillus acidophilus twice daily during treatment actually reduces the rectal volume changes. Further, doctors can achieve fewer side effects and better cancer control with more consistent internal setups.

Fewer treatment breaks

Traditionally, extended radiation treatment causes tumor repopulation and the resultant decrease in cure rates. While it has been a concern for ovarian cancer, it is also prevalent in other types of cancer. Reduced side effects lead to fewer treatment breaks for patients of these types of cancers.

Avoiding secondary complications

Clostridium difficile infection is common after patients undergo chemotherapy and radiation. While this condition complicates the patient’s infection control and management, it also increases the risks of suffering other major illnesses. For this reason, taking probiotics can help in the prevention of C. difficile infection.

Reports from studies so far have not revealed what species of probiotic organisms actually bring these benefits. At the same time, nobody knows the proper dosage for each indication of probiotics supplements.

However, some oncologists and dieticians recommend the consumption of probiotic foods. In addition, you can take probiotics supplements containing billions of the important CFUs. Whatever you decide to do, let an expert advise you on the best combination to take advantage of different species of probiotic organisms.

Mary Toscano is a contributing writer to She is a mother of two toddlers and enjoys volunteering for animal shelters. When Mary is not busy writing about health and wellness, she is exploring tips and tricks about healthy living and clean eating. She is a great resource for probiotic foods and fitness lessons that you can follow all year round. Her inspiring approach to health will keep you motivated to pursue your wellness goals. Follow her as she opens up about the pros of probiotics and start getting in good shape.

You can read the original article here.


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