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Microbiota. Inside Beauty and Weight Loss.

Progurt Team - Thursday, March 03, 2016

“Gut health is the new objective in medicine,” says Kathie Swift, a US nutritionist leading this radical shift in medical thinking. “ Your gut is your pathway to health, but also your pathway to pathology”. From your throat, to your stomach, intestines, colon and rectum, our gut is our body’s food processing, nutrient extraction and waste compaction service. It is also, crucially, home to trillions of bacteria, dubbed, microbiota.

Bacteria are required for our very survival. “Residual food that reaches your colon is indigestible, which is where your bacteria come to the rescue”, explains Professor Martin J Blasser who heads up the Human Microbiome Program at New York University. Bacteria are also essential for regulating our immune systems, brain functions and mood, as well as maintaining blood pressure.

Many studies have now confirmed that that those who are obese have a different profile of gut bacteria to those who are slim. Blaser links microbes and over-reliance on cesareans and over-prescription of antibiotics with the obesity epidemic. When you take antibiotics, you kill most bacteria, but some survive – the ones you don’t want. These “unfriendly” bacteria prosper and up-regulate genes in the liver responsible for transporting more fat out into the fat stores of the body.


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