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The Gut-Skin Axis, Youthful Skin and Progurt

Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Like the gut microbiome, the skin microbiota is also composed of millions of microorganisms, including bacteria. When an imbalance in the gut-skin microbiota occurs skin aging also occurs.

During the transition from adulthood to old age, the gut microbiota undergoes significant alterations. There is a decline in microbial diversity and a greater inter-individual variation in microbiota composition as we age. It has also been demonstrated that microbiome composition can influence the rate of aging. There is no known chronological threshold or age at which the microbiota composition abruptly changes; rather, these changes gradually occur over time.

Scientific evidence suggests that both the skin and gut microbiomes are intricately involved with skin aging via the gut-skin axis. Research on this topic shows that powerful probiotics beneficially balance the microbial composition of the skins microbiome and reduce skin aging.

Consumption of a powerful probiotic, like Progurt, has been shown to restore acidic skin PH and the functionality of the gut-skin barrier, thereby exhibiting an anti-aging effect.

Progurt’s HPI strains play a significant role in maintaining skin homeostasis, contributing to the skin’s barrier function to protect against the environment and helping prevent chronic skin inflammation and skin aging.

The International Probiotic Institute
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