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Progurt for Mindfulness, Energy and beautiful Skin

Environmental contamination, including soil, water, and air pollution is widespread today. Progurt has worked with world leading microbiologists, specialist doctors and scientists to help develop the most powerful gut detoxification and gut healing HPI probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics.

We need Mindfulness to act with grace. Progurt HPI probiotics are not destroyed by stomach acids like some other probiotics; they enter the gut, replace toxic bacteria with beneficial bacteria and help to restore clarity of thought through the gut-brain axis.

We need Energy. Progurt’s gut care range is beneficial for the very basic energy that we need each day. Progurt strengthens the gut’s mucus lining to prevent the translocation of pathogenic microorganisms across the mucosal barrier and thereby helps prevent disease.

We need healthy and beautiful Skin. Progurt allows the gut-skin axis to work to replenish the skin with healthy and restorative microbiota; to rejuvenate the skin and help realise your individual beauty.

Gut microbiota not only affect the physiology of the intestine, but also signal other organs, thereby affecting whole-body metabolism.

From your early morning probiotic through Progurt’s daily gut care range, your mind, energy and skin is enhanced with Progurt’s care range.

We at Progurt, wish for you to live a long and healthy life, filled with energy, clarity of thought and grace and to be your most beautiful self… through a healthy and balanced gut microbiome.

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