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The Benefits of Probiotics

The awareness around the importance of gut health has become a hot topic in recent years and it seems there is a probiotic version of almost anything, from companies claiming to have the best probiotic yoghurt to the healthiest probiotic chips. But what exactly are probiotics, why are they good for you and where can you find the best probiotic? Probiotics are a microorganism that is essentially good bacteria. When consumed, they make their way to the stomach where quite often due to various lifestyle factors, bad bacteria can live. These good bacteria can help restore balance to the gut, which in turns leaves your stomach in a better condition. Your gut and the rest of your digestive system is where your food and nutrients are processed so when it is functioning regularly, it means nutrients are readily absorbed and your body is able to be in better condition across the board. This will definitely mean better digestion too, helping to treat and prevent diarrhoea. Many of the chemicals that control our moods as well are also produced in the gut therefore if your gut is out of balance it can have a serious effect on your mood- causing anxiety, stress, depression and some memory issues; by helping balance the gut, you can help improve these conditions. Essentially, probiotics are able to help the gut remain healthy so it has an easier time completing all the functions it has, which leads to healthier skin, heart, organ function and overall health. While there are many products out there spouting the benefits, some probiotics are better than others, which is why Progurt probiotic yoghurt is one of the best probiotic yoghurt and one of the best probiotics on the market.

Taking Probiotics after Antibiotics

While there is benefits to taking probiotics regularly, the time to really look for the best probiotic source to take is after you have taken a course of antibiotics. In order to fight an infection, an antibiotic helps the immune system tackle and kill all the biotics in your body; they seek to eliminate the bad bacteria but unfortunately when wiping out the bad bacteria, the good bacteria becomes collateral damage. Side effects from the loss of this good bacteria can include diarrhoea and nausea, and it can also cause yeast infections. By taking some of the best probiotic sources, like the best probiotic yoghurt and other sources rich in probiotics, you can help the body replenish the good bacteria. Consuming a product like the Progurt best probiotic yoghurt during and for weeks after you are taking antibiotics will help your body bounce back, bringing it back into balance by replacing the good bacteria that unfortunately gets eliminated by the antibiotics. This will help you feel better quicker, but also reduce any side effects from the lack of good bacteria in your digestive system. The quicker you can supplement it, the better your body will be able to help bring its immune system back up as well, reducing your risk of getting sick after the course of antibiotics have finished.

Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

Our gut is one of the most sensitive places in our body and is often considered our second brain. Many of the bodies functions come from the gut, which makes sense when we consider that is part of our digestive system and what we consume has to make its way through our gut. This is why when our gut is not healthy, the rest of our body can suffer. Other than taking in the best probiotic sources, there are other ways we can help improve our gut health. Cutting down on sugars and sweeteners is one way as bad bacteria likes to feed on sugar. As many of our hormones and chemicals are produced in our gut, when we are stressed, it can have a huge impact on our body’s natural processes thus effecting the way our gut functions. To help with stress, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly can help produce feel-good chemicals, which in turn means our gut health is overall better. Of course, some of the best ways to improve your gut health is by monitoring the food you eat and ingesting some of best probiotic sources like fermented foods and drinks, definitely can help. If you don’t know where to start or if something is good for your gut, then the best probiotic yoghurt like Progurt is a great place to start.

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