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The Features of our Best Probiotics

The science around gut health is constantly improving, and as it develops, we are being constantly reminded just how important good gut health is. Every year we are shown time and time again, with more detail and evidence about the role that bacteria plays in our digestive system and the rest of our body, with having good bacteria absolutely paramount. With more people receiving less than adequate nutrition, and the standard of the average person’s being a lot less healthy than in the past, our gut health is really starting to suffer. That is why consuming sources of the best probiotic is not just handy, but necessary, especially when the average person does not eat enough fruits and vegetables and often has a diet that is less than desirable to achieve overall good gut health. Research has found that consuming some of the best probiotic sources can make a world of difference for those who have been having digestive problems, especially if they have been taking antibiotics. By supplementing with good bacteria, it can help the system re-establish good gut health after periods of being under stress from a poor diet and lifestyle, antibiotics or being exposed to harmful bacteria. At Progurt, we are constantly working to provide our customers with the best probiotic for gut health, so by using our products, especially our probiotic sachets, you will be able to give your gut health a chance at achieving its optimal state. By improving your gut health, you will be able to improve your quality of life and that is a feature of probiotic products that you cannot look past.


There is nothing less enjoyable than having to take a supplement that is not easy take, which is why our probiotic sachets are the best probiotic supplement on the market. It is best probiotic for your gut health when you take it in the morning on an empty stomach, especially if you decide to have it in drink form. By using our sachets, you can easily consume your probiotics- the way it is intended. Being able to be added to yoghurt, you can really start your day in the best way possible. Not only is it easy to consume, but you can add your own blend of flavours and extras into your morning yoghurt giving you not only a fueled breakfast or snack in the afternoon, but also an opportunity to add even more nutrients in with fruit, cereals and other micro and macronutrients. If yoghurt is not really your thing or you are looking for a different way to take our best probiotic sachets, then you can simply just take them with water, juice or other a protein shake. You can take them once a week, but to really receive the benefits as an intensive dose, take your probiotics in drink form every morning for fourteen days. That way you are giving your gut health the best kickstart with the best probiotic on the market.

Improving The Gut Health

Our gut is one of the most delicate ecosystems, and since it is quite often considered our second brain, it is important that we take care of it. So many of our bodies systems and functions are administered from the gut which is what we consume can have a real impact on the rest of our body. When we are putting our digestive system through some harsh work, it means that the rest of our gut has issues so when our gut health is not the best, the rest of our health can suffer. Taking the best probiotic supplements can be one way to help your gut health, but there are some other steps we can take to really see some improvement. Sugars and sweeteners help feed bad bacteria, so by cutting those down we can make an impact. Stress is another huge factor, as so many of the body’s chemicals and hormones are produced in the gut, so stress can really affect how our body produces these important products. Sleep, water and cutting down on unhealthy foods and stress does wonders for our system and by taking the best probiotic products that Progurt has to offer, you can really help kickstart your gut health into improving.

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